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Mitel 3000 phone Security Cameras Hosted Solutions
Mitel 3000

Ideal for service industries, the Mitel 3000 Communications System provides big business communications capabilities for small businesses. Features such as conferencing, centralized voice mail, and an automated attendant for greeting and routing incoming calls make communications more efficient, so you can focus on your core business.

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Video surveillance has been a popular security tool for years. Thanks to new breakthroughs in technology, security cameras are more effective and affordable than ever before. Banks, retail stores, and countless other users depend on the protection provided by video surveillance. What can video surveillance do for your business?

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Hosted Solutions

Take advantage of our hosted email and conferencing services to provide your business with cutting-edge communications capabilities with no capital outlay.

All services are hosted off-site and fully managed, so the highest levels of quality and uptime are assured while minimizing your administrative and support costs.

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Conference Call Consultation
Conference Call

Voice conferencing is one of the most critical elements of group communication. Excellent voice quality is essential for both voice-only calls and visual communication environments, ensuring that everyone can clearly hear and be heard to improve productivity and deliver a seamless, natural communications experience.

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What can an on-site consultation do for you? Expert Technologies will come to your business to review your current system. Armed with this information we will look for opportunities to save you money. We will make recommendations designed specifically for your companies needs and make sure you are up-to-date with the latest technology. These consultations can cost as much as $1,500 with other companies, but we will audit your system for FREE. Just call or e-mail us to set up your appointment today.

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How Expert Technologies can help your business.

Remember when your telephone system snaked like an octopus through your offices, cluttering walls and desks with multiple cords per phone unit? Individual phones were just dumb terminals that had no intelligence and no ability to integrate with your specific business processes.

Expert Technologies is a global networking and telecommunications setup and maintenance company. Expert Technology currently service and sell all major brands, working both locally and internationally to provide our customers with the best in communications hardware, software and networking.

With over fifty years of combined experience, the staff at Expert Technologies has the answer to your communications questions. See how we have helped other companies expand their networking and phone systems by visiting out about us page. Here you will find several case studies which will give you an idea of the scope of how today's technologies can help your business grow.

Expert Technologies is prepared to help you at every step of the way from wiring, to wireless, phone system installation to video conferencing and voice over IP. Our goal is to save your business money and help you become more efficient. Check out our services as well as our products to learn more about what Expert Technologies can do for you.

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Expert Technologies, Inc. proudly sells and services all major brands. For a complete listing of our products and services, please visit the menu bar at the top of the page. Expert Technologies, Inc. is your leader in telecommunications setup and maintenance. We can help your business grow!

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Our staff has worked all around the globe to bring better telecom technology to companies large and small. We are proud of our employees work at sites like the Cliffs Communities. When it comes to maintaining your customer service, Expert Tech has the tools to set you up for success.

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