Hosted Solutions

Hosted Solutions

Take advantage of hosted telecom services to provide your business with cutting-edge communications capabilities with no capital outlay. All services are hosted off-site and fully managed, so the highest levels of quality and uptime are assured while minimizing your administrative and support costs.

Hosted VoIP and Data Bundle is a complex product that requires your Sales Engineer to be involved on EVERY opportunity. We are replacing the PBX functions and offering it through Expert Technologies private IP core network.

We have to know every little detail from how they want a button programmed to how they want their calls routed (i.e. Hunt groups), which is very different from the traditional VoIP product.

Hosted offers many advantages, including:

  • Dedicated Internet Access – Symmetric upload and download speeds for your Internet access
  • No Up Front Capital Costs – There is no IP PBX to purchase. Windstream provides the phones and routing equipment at the Customer premise.
  • Predictable Operating Expense – Monthly voice and data charges are calculated on a per telephone basis. If you add people, you will know exactly how your costs will increase.
  • No Maintenance Expenses – Because Windstream owns the equipment, they are responsible of all the costs associated with equipment and software upgrades.
  • Ease of Management – Windstream is responsible for managing the equipment. Routine changes like adding a new person to the system or changing an extension number are done by the Customer using a simple web interface.
  • No Obsolescence – Windstream hosting the system will routinely upgrade the service so that new enhancements are delivered on an ongoing basis at little or no cost.
Key Features & Benefits
  • No Capital Costs: Deploy solutions instantly and pay as you go.
  • Fully Managed: You are assured of high-quality, uninterrupted service, with no burden on your IT or communications staff.
  • Grows with Your Business: Support any number of users and locations, adding features as your needs evolve.
Our hosted services include:
  • Standard E-mail: Services are available for businesses of all sizes, and include Web connectivity so employees can access their e-mail from any Internet-connected device.
  • Security Enhanced Email (I-mail): Comprehensive email solutions with rigorous, integrated virus protection and spam filtering.
  • Audioconferencing: Choose from a range of options, including operator assistance, recording and archiving, any-time conferencing and more.
  • Videoconferencing: Enable face-to-face meetings anytime, anywhere to improve collaboration, increase productivity and reduce travel expenses. You can also stream recorded content for training and sales presentations.
  • Web Conferencing: Broadcast live conferences and deliver rich visual presentations to an unlimited number of people in distributed locations.

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Hosted Solutions

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