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There are three ways you can choose to pay for your new technology, two of which you are very familiar with – buying or leasing. And while both are legitimate options, Expert Technologies works with TAMCO to offer a third option that could prevent you from finding yourself surrounded by obsolete technology. It’s called the Shield.

With the Shield program, you choose the equipment that’s right for your business today. But should that equipment become obsolete for any reason – your business grows, your needs change, whatever – you can replace your system, no questions asked. Your contract will be forgiven and a new one will be issued – period – no balance to rollover and no hidden fees.

The monthly cost of TAMCO Shield is not necessarily for eventual ownership; it is simply a “right to use” fee. We absorb all of the risk of ownership, not you. The best part is that if you do keep your equipment for the duration of the contract, then you are in a position to make a number of choices at the end: keep it, return it, or replace it. Whichever you choose to do, it’s all fine with us.

So, once you decide what to buy, you can then decide HOW to buy it. Call us, e-mail us, or fill in the form below to learn more about the Shield program from TAMCO. Or, for more instant information, please read this simple brochure from TAMCO.

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